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Let's Keep It Real...

Who doesn’t love traveling? Over the past twenty years, the world has become smaller thanks to the internet and globalization, and more people than ever are studying abroad, traveling abroad, and living abroad. The world has become smaller, as interactions between people of different cultural backgrounds have become commonplace. That is where the Ni Hao Snacks story begins.

It all started with a modest bag of chicken feet-flavoured Doritos chips, manufactured around the third quarter of 2020. After posting the picture online for our friends living abroad to view, the requests came floating in. Everyone had wanted to sample a bag of these chips, regardless of whether they would dare to actually consume an actual chicken foot!

Such desire brought us back to an earlier time, in which we experienced a similar sense of longing, yearning. Some of the people wanting to sample the feet chips were fans of Dim Sum cuisine. Others saw it more as a challenge or a dare. Some of the interested parties were had ties to Taiwan, while others were foreigners who were curious about Asian cultures. Thus Ni Hao Snacks was born.

Having lived abroad for extended periods of time, and also being globetrotters ourselves, we fall on both sides of the coin. For those longing for a piece of home while living abroad, we totally get that! At the same time, we also understand how different cultures can be of interest to those who didn’t grow up with it. That’s where Ni Hao Snacks comes into play.

Ni Hao Snacks offers food boxes to people interested in Taiwanese and Asian culture and cusine. Whether you have roots on the island or not, we hope to offer a glimpse into the unique and fascinating culture of Taiwan. “Ni Hao Taiwan,” what’s happening?

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