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You asked for it, we listened! The team at Ni Hao Snacks is happy to present our Formosan Flavours subscription box. If you  are interested in eating snacks straight from Taiwan, then this subscription box might be of interest to you! Enjoy tasty, authentic Taiwanese snacks for a three-month period!


Taiwan is known for its focus on food tourism; providing a unique variety of treats to your door each month. Each box contains sixteen (16) items. Our Formosan Flavours Subscription Box plan is structured as follows:


All three months will include the following staples in Taiwanese snacking: 


  • Prince Noodles (x 2)
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Nuts / Dried Peas Snack (x 2)
  • Hi -Chew Candy


Hi-Chew Candy is quite popular in Taiwan, and the version included in our boxes is the Taiwanese version. Each box will contain a different flavour of Taiwanese Hi-Chew candy, ranging from Passion Fruit or Guava to more exotic flavours such as Banana and Yakult.


Seasonal Chips

Within each box is a (1) full-sized package of seasonal chips. These are generally limited edition flavours from popular brands. Included are such wild and wacky flavours as Clam LinguineSichuan Hot PotGarlic Shrimp, and Beef Noodle-flavoured chips.


Traditional Snacks

Our Formosan Flavours subscription boxes also include one (1) full-sized mystery bag of traditional Taiwanese snacks, which changes each month. These popular snacks are those that every Taiwanese person has enjoyed as a child, such as the Oyster Omelette Chips and Prawn Crackers.



Every Formosan Flavours box also includes three (3) tea bags. Taiwan is famous for its tea, though roughly 97% of its tea remains within the country, to be consumed by the locals. Each month you will receive three different tea bags so that you can sample tea such as Alishan High Mountain Tea, Black Tea from Sun Moon Lake, and Oolong Tea.



Many people are likely unaware of Taiwan's budding chocolate market, but in PingTung County, situated in southern Taiwan, chocolate production has become recognized internationally. Each month you will receive one (1) chocolate bar from a Taiwanese company.



Every Formosan Flavours box includes one (1) popular Taiwanese beverage, which will surely quench your thirst! Popular drinks include exotic fruit juices, such as mango, guava, and starfruit juice, Supao (a sports drink), and famous Taiwan milk tea.



Monthly Surprises


Instant Noodles

Some months, fanciful Taiwanese instant noodles will find their way into your treat box. With a wide array of flavours and styles, there is an instant noodle to suit every taste!


Dinner Time 

Rustle up a hearty Asian-style meal in no time! Spices and sauces to create soups and stir fry dishes are now within your reach.


Every Formosan Flavours box includes a surprise gift that complements the theme of the box.


Formosan Flavours

$35.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
Price Options
Taiwan Subscription
$33.00every month for 3 months
  • If you are already a subscriber, your subscription box will be shipped out on the fifth of each month. If the fifth falls on a weekend, the box will be mailed out the following business day.


    For new subscribers, your first Formosan Flavours box will mail out on either the fifth or the twentieth of the month, depending on your order date. 

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