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Heeeey, what's this? Where did these come from? An instant noodles sampler box?


Instant noodles sometimes get a bad rap in the west, touted as a cheap staple in every college kid's diet. Although we feel that this is an unfair assessment, we totally get it, and that's where our Naughty Noodles Sampler comes into play.


Our Naughty Noodles Sampler pack contains five (5) different kinds of instant noodles, as well as a pair of chopsticks. Included in this pack is the following spread:


Bak Kut Teh Flavor Instant Noodles - A flavorful instant noodle, based on traditional bak kut teh recipes popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Fujian province.  Experience the taste of savory pork ribs and shiitake mushrooms.


Sesame Noodles - Delicious instant noodles with a thick, rich sesame sauce - these will have you begging for more.


Spicy Beef Noodle with Scallions - Beef noodle is one of Taiwan's most beloved foods, and this assortment of instant noodles tries to recreate the taste and flavor of Grandma's famous specialty, spicy beef noodles topped with scallions. Yum!


Minced Pork Soup Noodles - A very iconic dish in Taiwan, minced pork soup noodles can warm you up and bring a smile to your face even on the coldest of days.


Fish Noodles - Everyone loves seafood, and now you can enjoy the ocean flavor without leaving your couch. These fish-flavored instant noodles will whisk you away on a voyage wherever you want, without leaving home.


Included in our Naughty Noodles Sampler box is also a complimentary pair of reuseable chopsticks. 


It's time to reassess your relationship with instant noodles. This box is perfect for those wishing to discover the quality and richness of Taiwanese instant noodles, only brought to you by Ni Hao Snacks

Naughty Noodles Sampler

  • Please click the link below to download a PDF document containing nutritional and allergen information about the items in the above snack box, as well as for a full list of ingredients for every item.

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