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Did you know that instant noodles were originally invented by a Taiwanese person? The humble instant noodle was created by Momofuku Ando of Nissin Foods. Born in Puzi, Chiayi County, in southern Taiwan, Mr. Ando was born in 1910. He was a businessman and founder of Nissin Food Products, as well as the creator of the Top Ramen and Cup Noodles brands of instant noodles.


Our Noodles Assortment boxes contain nine (11) packs of instant noodles. Taiwanese instant noodles make up the lion's share of this box, as Taiwanese instant noodles are arguably some of the best in the world. Tasty flavours such as beef, seafood, and sesame await your taste buds. Also included are two packs of instant noodles from Indonesia.


Indonesian instant noodles offer a unique culinary experience for your senses. Compared to more traditional noodles, this style offers a sweet and tangy flavour.


Two other packs of instant noodles du jour (not pictured) are also included in this set, making up a total of 11 different packs of delicious instant noodles. These two packs of noodles are a surprise, awaiting every box!


Included with this Noodles Assortment boxes is a pair of chopsticks. Please not: no bowl is included in this set. If you want to order the Noodles Assortment with the bowl, please check out the other product page.


This box is a single-purchase snack box. If you want to subscribe and receive a snack box from Ni Hao Snacks every month, please visit our subscription page. 

Noodles Assortment (no Bowl)

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