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Taiwan is known worldwide for it's wide variety of quality teas. One famous tea region is that of Sun Moon Lake, in central Taiwan, though the most famous area can be found in the high mountains, known as Alishan.


Our Tasty Taiwan Tea Sampler box is an affordable way to sample a variety of different teas from Taiwan. In addition to black tea and green tea offerings, we also include a few more exotic flavors such as milk tea and soymilk tea. 


The Ni Hao Snacks Tasty Taiwan Tea Sampler contains the following items:


Matcha Latte (2 packets)


Ali Mountain Tea (2 packets)


Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh Tea (2 packets)


Sesame Soymilk Tea 


Instant Ginger Tea


Ginger Brown Sugar Tea (cube)


Ali Mountain Black Tea (2 packets)


Barista Coffee Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Marshmallows


Casa Milky Flavor Tea


Alishan High Mountain Tea (whole leaves)


This box is a single-purchase tea box. If you want to subscribe and receive a different Taiwanese tea box every month, please visit our subscription page. 




Some item brands may vary from the pictures depending on availability; however we only use the highest quality brand of snacks at Ni Hao Snacks, and off-brands / unpopular brands are never included in our boxes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tasty Taiwan Tea Sampler

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