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Join coffee connoisseur Dave Wang as he explores the wide variety of unique, titilating coffees produced by local Taiwanese coffee shops. Our local expert explores major Taiwanese coffee brands, as well as robust flavors from tiny independent cafes.


Although most of our coffee beans are produced in famous coffee-growing regions around the world, ranging from South America to parts of Africa and beyond, we also work with local coffee growers to offer you a rare taste of exotic, Formosan-grown beans.


All of the coffee offered to our Formosan Coffee Club members has been carefully selected for it's high quality. No matter the source of origin, all of the coffee beans have been roasted by local, Taiwanese coffee companies.


Each month you will receive three packets of five different types of cofffee, for a total of (15)* packets of single-serve pour-over coffee. Made up of ground coffee beans, just open the packet, place it over your mug, and strain hot water over the grounds to enjoy artisan coffee without the hassle of large bags, grinding, and beans.


Included with each month's coffee selection is an informational sheet detailing the flavor profile of each coffee, as well as some other interesting information.


Join our Formosan Coffee Club for as long as you want, cancel at any time.



The Formosan Coffee Club

Price Options
Formosan Coffee Club
$32.00every month until canceled
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