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Taiwan's Tasty Tea

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

For many western tea drinkers, Taiwanese tea may not appear on the radar. Why exactly is this? Why isn’t Taiwanese tea as commonly known as Ceylon tea, for instance? It has nothing to do with quality, rather the vast majority of tea produced in Taiwan remains on the island. With their tea-growing region being situated at some of the highest elevations of any tea region in the world, Taiwanese tea has a special, distinct flavour that is a must for any tea lover.

The high altitude of the Alishan region is an optimal area for growing tea. The cooler temperatures and occasional mists, help negate the effects of the sun, and the result is a quality tea that is smooth and much less bitter than other varieties. The mouthfeel of these Oolong teas are appreciated by tea aficionados all around the world.

Outside of the Alishan mountain region, the area around Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan is also famous for tea. The hills overlooking Sun Moon Lake were first cultivated during the early twentieth century by the Japanese, for the purpose of growing black tea. Since these early beginnings, the farmers of the region have quickly become experts in tea production.

For those looking to brew tea in a traditional manner, clay pots are a must. Whole tea leaves are steeped in water, with the first batch of water being discarded. This method of brewing tea is known as the gong fu method. For those looking for something a bit simpler, Taiwanese tea is also available in tea bags and as a powder, with something available for every taste!

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